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Online Inventory - Search Page

The search page puts your users in direct control of what vehicles they want to view, and how they want to view them. This is also the first page your customers will typically see, an optimal place to advertise your hot vehicles as well as any current sales or promotions. Through our Dealer Control Panel, you can choose which vehicles to feature as well as upload promotional images with ease.

1. Search for a specific make and model, specify a range of years, price, and miles, or simply list all of the vehicles in your inventory. Only the makes and models you currently have in inventory are selectable. You are also able to limit the results to a specific bodystyle or search using a keyword.

2. The sort and listings options permit your customers to optimize their search return to fit their needs and Internet speed. The sort feature sorts the vehicle listing by several criteria. The dealer has the option to set the default for both the sort criteria and the listings per page criteria in the Dealer Control Panel.

3. WNYMotors gives you the ability to advertise any dealer promotions, specials, hours, or to create your own unique look and feel. Through our easy to use dealer controls the you can instantly change this image to any of your choosing.

Vehicle Search Snapshot

4. Display your featured vehicles prominently on the first page your customers will see when viewing your online vehicles. Instantly add or remove any vehicle to the featured section with a few clicks of the mouse. Create greater visibility to your hot vehicles as well as to those most go units.

5. This page has the dealership's name, location and contact information printed on the bottom of it. This ensure that if this page is printed your customers will know how to contact your store.

Search Page | Inventory Listing | Vehicle Info | Vehicle Comparison          



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