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Inventory Snapshots

WNYMotors provides an unique online inventory tailored to each dealer. Once you vehicle's information has been collected, your website's inventory is automatically update with the collected information. This leaves you free from the drudgery of keeping your online inventory current with vehicle images and descriptions.

An attractive online display allows your customers to fall in love with a vehicle before they even step foot on the lot. This greatly increases the chances of a sale while eliminating the first and often most difficult step in the sales process. We use at least a 4.0 megapixel camera, assuring the images representing your vehicles are of the highest of quality.

WNYMotor's systems are 100% built in-house, giving us complete control of your viewers online experience. Our web designers have the ability to customize virtually any aspect of your online inventory as well as assisting you in the implementation process.

Search Page - The search page puts your users in direct control of what vehicles they want to view, and how they want to view them. This is also the first page your customers will typically see, an optimal place to advertise your hot vehicles as well as any current sales or promotions. Through our Dealer Control Panel, dealerships can choose what vehicles to feature as well as upload promotional images with ease.

Inventory View - Show off your vehicles in our attractive, easy to use online inventory interface. This page lists your vehicles, their photos as well as a brief description. This allows your customers to choose which vehicles they'd like more information about or to check off vehicles for comparisons. The inventory page is designed to be easy to use for novice web users as well as to give experienced users what they've come to expect.

Our Dealer Control Panel puts you in control of what information is displayed. Prices, miles, certifications and warranty status can all be hidden or shown instantly.


Vehicle Information - Prominently display your vehicles images, equipment & features with our Vehicle Information page. The vehicle information display shows as many as 20 images as well as a complete description. Your customers can print, E-mail or request information via this page. Control as much or as little information you'd like shown. Information such as vehicle pricing and certification status can be turned off and on instantly from our easy to use Dealer Control Panel.

Vehicle Comparison - The comparison page displays vehicle images, equipment, features and descriptions side by side in an easy to read format. Simply check off which vehicles you're interested in on the listings page, click the compare button, and you are instantly redirected to the comparison page. Checked vehicles will remain selected until the viewer closes the page or removes the vehicle manually.

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